Award winning designs with over 30 years’ experience

Award winning designs with over 30 years’ experience

Beautiful kitchens reflecting your style & personality

Perth’s finest custom cabinets

Inspired by design trends around the globe

Custom designs tailored to suit every aspect of your lifestyle

Functional & Practical cabinetry for every part of your home

Immerse Yourself

Every Town & Country project is designed and built specifically for each individual client, so no two are ever the same.

Browse our beautifully designed collections for initial inspiration and see how each design has been tailored to the clients lifestyle and personal tastes.

The end result is always an exquisite custom design that is not only functional, but truly beautiful.

Our Exquisite Bespoke Cabinetry

We at Town & Country Designs make award-winning handmade custom cabinetry.

Each and every bespoke design is handcrafted in our workshop by a team of the finest cabinetmakers who combine a passion for their craft with expert technical knowledge.

With a commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the cabinetry is of the highest possible quality, from design inspiration right through to the installation ensuring in stunning results.